You wake up and the tension in your chest is already there. You are tired of the day already.
You know it will be the same. The same rude boss and coworkers who irritate you. Everything irritates you. You don't want to be irritated-you just are. Drivers piss you off on the way home from work, and when you get home you just want to relax, but the kids are fighting again. . .

Your spouse is stressed out but you have also worked a full freakin day. Your next flippant remark will start an argument, because when you express anger, the other person gets pissed off too. You deserve peace, right?

All emotions have a positive and a negative side. Anger can help us self-advocate, stand up for what we believe, become motivated, feel powerful, and help us solve problems.

Anger is a normal adaptive response when we feel threatened. It is a secondary emotion, an expression of hurt, anger, disappointment, or confusion. Anger is expressing that explosion inside us. It's when you can't let a situation or experience go and are pissed off for hours. Your brain gets triggered and react immediately.

Anger issues will keep you stressed out and overwhelmed. It can destroy relationships with loved ones, with co-workers or, teach your children anger. I bet you have an embarrassing anger moment. You even hate the guilt of putting others through your rages, impatience, and temper tantrums.

Anger will also make you interpret situations incorrectly, when emotions are high, the pre-frontal cortex shuts down.

You may have a mood disorder, high anxiety, traumatic brain injury, grief, or another disorder contributing to your anger, but whatever the cause, you need to get your brain working to control your anger.

You can have a peaceful mind and home when you get help. I will be with you each step of the way with psychotherapy and neurofeedback to calm your body and brain so that your relationships can heal and your soul can heal.

It doesn't get any easier than this. You come in and sit in a recliner and watch a movie. Your brain and my software will do all the work.