Feel Better, Do Better, Be Better

Waking up, you already feel anxiety just thinking about your day. 

Everything & everyone irritates you

You can’t control life, sleep, or intrusive thoughts & you feel burned out...

I offer therapy along with neurofeedback for a comprehensive therapy, because everything you do, think, & feel starts in the brain.

Neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback) is scientifically proven to enable your brain to rewire & work more effectively so that you feel motivated & focused to engage in your life, relationships, & work.

We are here to take you to a new level to be the best you can be.

 You & your family deserve a happy & satisfying life.

Get unstuck, life shouldn’t be this difficult.

Feel better, do better, & be better to live your potential.

About Lisa Taylor, LICSW, OMC

I understand what it is like trying to help a loved one live life to the fullest.

Several years ago, my own children had NFB after two of my children experienced brain injuries. My daughter went from being an active, energetic middle schooler to someone who raged, had headaches 24/7, and could no longer participate in sports. She wasn't the same person as before the injury. We went from appointment to appointment trying many different therapies and medications. The school system recommended neurofeedback after they had several other students have it. Neurofeedback changed my daughter's life and my other children, as I had all of them have neurofeedback. When one person in a family is struggling, the whole family struggles. My kids now live life to the fullest.